Sensory Handouts

Check out these handouts by Piller Child Development.  They have great sensory diet activities. I especially like the proprioception handout.

There are also educational resources for understanding sensory processing.  They are perfect for sharing with teachers, neighbors, coaches and extended family members.

Safety Rotational Device

This rotational device will allow smooth rotary movement for indoor swings.  It costs more than the ones you’ll find in the hardware store. However, my experience is that the cheaper ones occasionally get stuck, which makes a loud, unexpected sound and creates choppy movement.  This type of sensory input is dysregulating, the opposite of our desired outcome.

Sensory Retreats


These suggestions by Angie Voss, OTR, are essential for every family with children who have sensory processing difficulties.

Sensory retreats allow children’s nervous systems to calm and reorganize.  They should be incorporated into the child’s routine several times a day.  I suggest scheduling sensory retreats before challenging activities, such as mealtimes, homework or bedtime.

Angie also highlights the importance of having a retreat from overwhelming sensory stimuli while out in the community. Follow the link for practical strategies.

Sensory-Motor Gym Progress


It doesn’t look like much, but the big projects are almost complete. The door, window, and beams (top left) are completed.  The drywall is a work in progress. I can’t wait for the fun stuff, like building the rock climbing wall, ramp and platform. My giant lycra order was delivered yesterday. With the help of family, I’ll be making lycra tunnels and swings this weekend.

Homemade Resistance Tunnel

The above link is detailed instructions to make a resistance tunnel by Angie Voss, OTR.

A resistance tunnel is a great (and affordable!) tool to provide organizing sensory input.

Please check out all of Angie Voss’s resources at  Her resources are amazing!

Lycra Tunnel

Lycra Tunnel

Under Construction

Sensory-Motor Gym Under ConstructionWe’re working hard to have our Sensory-Motor Gym completed by January 1, 2014.  The beams, door, and window have been installed.  Recent purchases included lycra, rope, rock climbing handles, carpet, and swings.  I’ll update with more pictures soon.