BrainBeat: an in-home program developed from the Interactive Metronome

The Interactive Metronome is a research-based tool that has been used by professionals during treatment to improve many skills including focus, sequencing, timing, and fluidity of movement.  I became a certified Interactive Metronome provider in 2008 and have successfully used this program with many children.

Brain Beat has been developed from the Interactive Metronome to improve access and affordability.  The child completes the program in their own home, on a personal computer, on their own time.  Also, Brain Beat is a dynamic game with levels and various themes, which helps keep kids motivated and engaged.

In order for rhythm based tools to be the most effective, the child should perform the activities with good form, use fluid movements and appropriate force.  Some children, who have difficulties with sensory processing, body awareness or coordination, may need assistance from a trained professional so that the activities are the “just-right challenge”.  I suggest consulting with a pediatric occupational therapist to determine which program is best for your child.