Sensory Retreat: Ikea Ekkore Swing

Pod Swing

Ikea Ekkore Swing

The Ikea Ekorre Swing is a great, affordable tool for creating a sensory retreat for your child.  During most of the day, I prefer to have the swing touching the floor, so that it doesn’t wobble and twist while your child is taking a break.  I’ve also tied a piece of fabric to cover the opening while allowing your child to easily get in and out.

Ikea Ekorre Swing

Ikea Efforre Swing with fabric square tied at the top to cover opening.

I suggest that an adult facilitates while the child is swinging on the Ekkore Swing.  If your goal is to help your child calm down, push them back and forth, in a rhythmical manner, without twisting or jerking the swing.  Very few kids are calmed by spinning in this passive swing.

For increased deep tactile and proprioceptive input, stuff the swing with the child’s favorite stuffed animals, bean bags, or blankets.